At Black Locust Builders we find ourselves involved with wide range of projects; from fences and decks, kitchen cabinets, custom doors, and furniture, to home theaters, small additions, and remodels.  We are capable of doing nearly any project around your home.  In his 20 years of experience, Nate has learned that it is very important to pay close attention to the small details from the start, because this makes the whole project go much smoother.  If you start out level, plumb and square, everything falls into place.


We are very particular about the subcontractors we use, and the quality of work they do for our clients.  We do our best to find trades-people who are clean, courteous, honest, and reliable.  These practices have set us apart from many in the industry who are more interested in getting a job done with minimal effort, rather than getting it done right.

Many contractors don’t like to be bothered with the design process, but at Black Locust Builders,  we look forward to working through the design process with you.  We enjoy working with our clients to help them figure out what they want, what they need, and what they can afford.  We provide each client with a proposal, which easily explains the process; complete with floor plans and 3D drawings, a time table, and an estimate of costs.  We have assisted many clients in reaching their goals, by helping them to envision the possibilities and pathways to actualize their ideas.

Nate takes his inspiration from the ideal of form following function, and that a piece can be more beautiful without unnecessary adornment. He is heavily influenced by craftsman styling, which Nate feels espouses many of the same values.  He puts emphasis on the use of the figure, tone, and color of the wood to accentuate the beauty of the finished piece.  In many cases, the wood itself dictates what it will become.


Nate appreciates the simple elegance of traditional joinery, natural finishes, and the craftsmanship and designs that endure for generations.  Much of the furniture and cutting boards he creates are made of reclaimed, salvaged, or recycled materials.  It’s a way of taking something old, with a history, and giving it a new life as a beautiful and useful piece of furniture, cabinetry or utensil for your home.   

Nate approaches all of his projects with a mind for detail, and a rarely found integrity to deliver the best possible product for his clients. He is constantly researching new products, practices, and applications to stay up to date.  Nate then incorporates these newer ideas with his knowledge of tried and true building techniques to efficiently produce results that are in tune with modern sensibilities, as well as being grounded in tradition.  All of these things will make Nathan Auge and Black Locust Builders a great choice for your next project.